Why women still shy away from science-related jobs

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Women have been looked at as the people who can only manage very simple jobs. We can get to see this even with the projects that get assigned to them at the places of work. They have been viewed as fragile and known to handle jobs that are not too straining or do not require too much energy and effort. However, life sci advising gives a new perspective when it comes to women and science related jobs. Because of this view therefore and what has been believed by many, women have for a very long time shied away from jobs that involve technicalities such as mathematics and sciences.

Women have shied away from technical jobs

Parent’s beliefs

It is natural for girls to be the most pampered children in the family. Even during those times that girls get to have better grades in science than the boys; parents will still not allow them to handle science related jobs. They believe that it is a technical rather than a social kind, of course, to tackle and with the mention of technical, science related jobs have continued to be left for the men who are more believed to handle tough and more involving jobs.


Information about scientists

How information is decoded from the giver to the receiver is very important. When women have been made to believe that scientists gout of the ordinary to make things happen sometimes making it seem unreal, they allow for fear to creep in for the women who may even have that passion and drive to handle science related jobs.

Lack of encouragement

Women have often not been encouraged much and made to see that they are more than they believe they are. Only letting them handle very feeble jobs and not even letting them try and cheer them on when it comes to science is dangerous. They may never have the notion that they too can make it possible. With this in mind, women will still shy away from science-related jobs because at the back of their minds they know they cannot.


Men are very competitive and very aggressive. The aggressiveness of men has been viewed as being rowdy, and this brings a belief that science is for people who are rowdy. Women, on the other hand, have little or no aggressiveness at all and therefore cannot apply for any technical jobs that involve science. They would rather do the small jobs around the office and not experience any growth of ability in themselves.



A girl may mention in school that she wants to pursue courses such as Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry. The teachers themselves teach them about how difficult it is, and as the girl leaves school, she knows only the little jobs are her kind of work.

These reasons and more, therefore, relate to why women shy away from science-related jobs. A little encouragement for the women and even allowing them to try these jobs could be the very beginning of more women wanting to venture into the science career.

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