Tips on Training your Dog

dog trained by his owner

Training your dog doesn’t have to be difficult. All you need to do is to learn how to do it in the right way. There are instances when you might be required to take your dog to a trainer. However, before you take the big step, about dog training. Dogs are intelligent and social animals, and this means that they can effectively relate to us. Training your dog will help you in keeping the house clean and also making your dog independent. Here are tips on training your dog:

Dogs understand commands

You need to know that dogs are capable of understanding commands. The mistakes that many people make when doing dog training is giving the dog complex messages. A dog will be able to understand a simple message like ‘sit down’ or ‘stand up.’ If you send complex messages, then the dog might not be able to decode them. When doing training, make the commands as simple as possible. Dogs are different from humans, and they can only take one instruction at a time.

Be consistent

When doing dog training, the idea is to create your language of communication. You need to create your codes of communication that you will be using over time. One way of creating successful codes of communication is by being consistent. For instance, if you want to do potty training for your puppy, then you have to keep the potty in one corner. Shifting the potty from one place to another is likely to interfere with the training.

Be patient and positive

It is important to remain positive and patient throughout the training process. The last thing that you want is to start getting frustrated in the process of training. If you start getting frustrated, your dog will know that you are getting upset. You need to show that positive attitude at all times so that your dog can also be encouraged to learn.

man training his dog

Reward your dog

A reward should be a big part of the training process. You need to appreciate your dog when they adhere to the training commands. Dogs understand when they are rewarded, and they will learn how to stick to the training commands. You can train your dog by giving treats and also patting them on the back. These are some of the basic rewards that your dog will understand.

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