How To Get More Instagram Followers

5y6u78iyuhgyftInstagram currently has over 200 million users, all over the world, and is one of the fastest growing social media sites. Whether you want to make your brand widely popular and recognizable, have some online influence, or simply impress the people you know, the key element of your Instagram success will be real followers. It is highly unlikely you will achieve any notable success without attracting real followers to your Instagram account.

However, the real question is, “How to attract them”? The answer is not quite straightforward and requires a bit of thought on various factors. It also takes time. In order to speed up the process and help you with this, we have a prepared a number of guidelines, that will help you understand exactly how to get real Instagram followers.

Tips on how to increase your Instagram following

1. A public account

The first, and most obvious, thing you should do, is to make your Instagram account public. One thing is certain and that is that people hate to deal with authorizations and restricted accesses. This can put off a large number of users, who want nothing more but to putter around and who are not interested in anything particularly. In most cases, people will start following you because some of your photos or videos caught their attention. If these are hidden, they will not be able to see them and will probably completely pass on your account.

2. Uniqueness

As mentioned above, more than 200 million people use Instagram on a constant basis. With so much people, it can be quite difficult to offer something unique. But, that is exactly what you should offer. The content you post, whether they are photos, videos or some other types of media, must stand out from the crowd, in order to be noticed. When coming up with something unique, place a high emphasis on the needs of your potential followers. Your content needs to offer some value, not contain some random images. Next up, ensure that the content is of high quality. Even though your photos do not have to look like they were made by a professional photographer, they still must not look like they were made by a 4-year old. Lastly, make sure to fit your content within a certain niche. This way, you will appear much more professional. It will also save you the extra effort necessary for filling within various niches.

3. Follow other people

This is as simple as it gets. Follow others and they will follow you. If you want something from other people, you have to do the same thing for them. Your best course of action would be to start following the users, who have a smaller number of followers than others. You should pay attention to them because they will certainly follow you back more often.efrtuyhjgfgdr

4. Use the filters

One of the best and most popular Instagram features are the filters. As already mentioned, you need photos that are unique and of high quality. With Instagram filters, you can achieve that. You can choose between a huge number of them, and they can all, in a way, improve your photos, making them more attractive, and attractive photos are exactly what you need to increase your popularity. These filters cannot only improve your photos, they can also add uniqueness, through a personal touch. You can use them to personalize your photos and make them exceptional. And the best thing is, you can do no wrong with them because they are all meant to be different and unique.

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